Taking Care of Your Home’s HVAC System

well-functioning HVAC system is a critical part of modern home comfort. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing you to enjoy time with friendsfamily, and yourself. But in order for your HVAC system to take care of you, you must take care of your HVAC system. 

A neglected HVAC system is inefficient and prone to mechanical issues. You’ll find yourself having to turn the thermostat to more extreme temperatures to keep up with the weather outside, resulting in higher utility bills. Eventually, it might breakdown altogether, leaving you in a very uncomfortable position while you wait for it to get fixed. 

The best thing to do is to keep it clean and maintained as you go. Here are a few tips to keeps your HVAC system in top shape. 

Keep the Space Clear Around the Outside Condensing Unit 

Most HVAC units will have outdoor and indoor components. Outside is where you’ll find your condensing unit. This helps pump heat from your home, so it’s important to keep it clean and clear. Leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and debris will fall on it from time to time. These pieces can get inside, causing problems that result in lost efficiency and premature failure. Periodically check your unit and brush these items away. 

As for the indoor components such as the air handler and furnace, always keep the areas around them clear as well. Never store household cleaning products or any other materials on or around them. This is a serious safety hazard. 

Check for Leaks in Ducts 

If your temperatures fluctuate from room to room, or you’re finding yourself having to run your system non-stop, you may have some leaks. With your system running, go around your house, following the ducts. Keep a hand up towards the duct system, feeling for sudden bursts of air. 

If you find a spot where air seems to be leaking out of, use some duct tape to patch it up. This will increase air flow and improve efficiency.  

Clean Your System and Air-Ducts 

Dirt and dust build up in HVAC units and air ducts over time. These can block up airflow, increase stress on your system, and leave your home dusty. A clean system operates at maximum efficiency, allowing you to run your system less often while breathing clean air. 

HVAC and air duct systems can be a little tricky to get inside of. That’s why it’s best to have a professional inspect and clean your unit as needed. For HVAC and air duct cleaning in Dayton, Ohio and the greater Miami Valley area, contact Air Duct Cleaning & Radon Company today!  

We also work on commercial properties. 

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