Facts About Air Duct Cleaning For Residential & Commercial

Air Duct Cleaning 101: What You Should Know

Have better air for better and breathing!  If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, headaches, sinus problems, sneezing having our Dayton area building duct-cleanings service will make your breathing better!  Having serious debris – likes leaves and twigs - may NOT be in your duct, but it’s very likely that dirt, dust, and bacteria will be.

Keep Your HVAC System Running Efficiently and Saves Money with Regular Duct Cleaning!

Improve your health and lower energy cost with air duct cleaning!  Duct systems are just a closed circuit - warm air from your furnace or cool air from your air conditioning moves through supply registers on one end and goes back through return vents in a constant circulation.  If your air ducts are clean and open for supply and return, airflow – and the work your furnace and A/C – will go better!


Things to Know About Duct Cleaning Companies

Be prepared with some basic knowledge and avoid incomplete work or other unscrupulous practices

Before you hire a Dayton company for air duct cleaning, make SURE you’re getting a good deal, a COMPLETE cleaning AND complete information. Call US! (We can go through what you need to know! 

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When Should Your Ducts Be Cleaned?

If you dust your furniture and find dust back on it shortly afterwards - it’s time to clean your air ducts

  • Check your ducts BEFORE Cleaning - Older metal ducts are sturdy enough to take cleaning with a rotary brush – newer ducts are flexible, but easily damaged - a rotary brush will tear them up and may even require you to pay for replacements
  • Don’t Just Contractors Will Inspect Your Ducts BEFORE Starting The Cleaning Process. We always check, but you may have to ASK other Dayton contractors to CHECK if you have torn or damaged ducts. If there is damage, the affected ducts need to be repaired or replaced BEFORE cleaning or you could end up with damage – and high costs.
  • BOTH the supply and return ducts need to be cleaned. Some duct cleaning contractors charge separately for supply and return ducts, and/or per grille opening, others charge per room – make sure you KNOW what you’re paying for! We only do COMPLETE cleaning and charge ONLY by the room!
  • Combine ducts and dryer vent cleaning. If you “bundle” both jobs together, contractors – like us - will give you a very good deal for both jobs
  • Sanitizing - Sanitizing ducts as they are cleaned eliminates bacteria, which should cut down on colds and coughs
  • Cleaning Cycle A professionally done cleaning should last for 4-5 years, depending on the presence of pets or other major source of dirt or dust
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