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Expert Dryer Vent Cleaning in Dayton, Ohio


Why you need to get your dryer vents cleaned.

Dryer vents have a very bad tendency to get clogged with lint and other debris.  That sets the stage for tragedy,

There are two important reasons dryer vents absolutely need to be cleaned:

  • The fact is that if enough lint gets by the filter, it can create a blockage in the vent and – because it’s highly flammable – can cause a fire.
  • According to The National Fire Protection Association, failing to prevent or remove lint build-up is the primary cause of hundreds of injuries and even deaths every single year.
  • Studies by The United States Fire Administration show that lint-clogged clothes dryers can be blamed for over $100 million dollars in losses every year.  
  • There are multiple dryer fires EVERY YEAR in Dayton – we are NOT immune to this danger!

Most of the time, homeowners only think about their dryer vents when a vent is torn or comes loose form the back of their dryer.  If that happens, they clean up the mess, re-attach the vent, and go back to just thinking that emptying the lint trap and cleaning the filter is all they need to do. However, if the vent ISN’T cleaned on a regular basis, there is the potential for a serious danger – one that can cause damage and even present a life-threatening situation.

Dryer Vent Cleaning


When dryer vents become clogged, the air flow through the machine gets reduced which affects the distribution of heat within your dryer. That causes clothes to not get completed dried. The result is that many users have to run clothes through another drying cycle, which causes costs to soar and puts stress and unnecessary mileage on the dryer - or having damp clothes just sit and get moldy.

Many times, users will think that their dryer is wearing out and needs to be replaced, when the fact is that the dryer vent just needs to be professionally cleaned.

Our dryer vent cleaning service completely and quickly removes lint from residential and commercial dryer vents. We are one of the few vent cleaner services in Dayton to have the equipment and experience to get the lint out of any dryer - electric or gas, free-standing or stackable. We do singled-family homes AND multi-family residences as well - apartments and condos – and have the staff to handle the work if we’re cleaning one dryer or fifty. Contact us for an inspection and make sure that your dryer will be safe and run efficiently.

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