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Professional Radon Testing

The threat of lung cancer from exposure to Radon is real. It’s worth the relatively minor cost to get a professional Radon test conduct. BUT be sure that you’re dealing with a licensed, insured and certified testing resource to do YOUR test.

We are one of the few Dayton companies to be officially certified by the State of Ohio for Radon testing. If you are in the Dayton area, your home is probably at risk for Radon vapors. Testing is a matter of protecting the health of you and your family AND important to protect the value of your property. While you may not be considering the sale of your property, it’s a fact that real estate lenders are all in the process of requiring testing and, if necessary, mitigation, in order to qualify for a mortgage. Reputable realtors will recommend Radon testing to both sellers and buyers because of the danger of Radon represents for lung cancer, especially in children.

The test process takes only a few days – it requires placing a monitoring device in the basement or in the mechanical area for slab homes and leaving it for 48 hours. Once the test is done, results are analyzed and the level of radon is determined. The danger level, requiring mitigation, is 4.0 picocuries.

At Airduct Cleaning and Radon we share the results with our Dayton quickly to let them know where they stand.

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