$99 Air Duct Cleaning: A Scam You Should Avoid

Are you considering $99 air duct cleaning?

We understand that you're looking for a great deal on air duct cleaning, but we urge you to be careful. Many companies that offer air duct cleaning $99  are not reputable, and they may not do a thorough job of cleaning your ducts.

Some of these companies will only vacuum the vent registers, which is not enough to remove all of the dirt and debris from your ducts. As a result, your air ducts may still be contaminated with allergens, mold, and other harmful substances.

At Airduct Cleaning & Radon Co. we offer a comprehensive air duct cleaning service that uses high-quality methods to remove all of the dirt and debris from your ducts. We're also honest with our customers about the services that they need, and we won't try to upsell you unnecessary services.

So if you're looking for a reputable air duct cleaning in Columbus, Ohio that can help you get clean, healthy air in your home, we encourage you to contact us today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a free consultation.

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The Truth Behind $99 Air Duct Cleaning Offers

The concept of $99 air duct cleaning often masks an inadequate service. Companies offering these low-priced deals typically employ substandard cleaning techniques, failing to rid your air ducts of all the accumulated dirt, dust, and potential allergens. Consequently, you may still be exposed to elements like mold and other contaminants.

Furthermore, these $99 air duct cleaning providers may attempt to convince you to purchase additional services that you may not actually require. They could propose applying duct sealants and biocides or installing a house-wide air purifier, both of which can add unnecessary costs to your bill.

When you're in need of air duct cleaning, prioritizing a trustworthy and transparent company that delivers an all-inclusive service is essential. Reputable service providers use superior cleaning techniques that ensure your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned. They are also upfront about the services you genuinely need, refraining from pushing unneeded add-ons.

Fraudsters might even escalate their deceit by falsely claiming to be certified members of NADCA, often incorporating this unfounded credential into their business names. Fortunately, you can verify a company's legitimate association with NADCA by checking the organization's website. Here, you can access vital information such as contact details, team size, and the duration of their membership with the organization.

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Questions to Ask When Hiring an Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air duct cleaning is an important task that can help improve the quality of your indoor air. However, it's important to choose a reputable company to do the job. Here are some key questions to ask when hiring an air duct cleaning service:

  • Can you provide proof of liability insurance? This is important to protect you in case the company damages your home during the cleaning process.
  • Do you carry worker's compensation insurance? This is important to protect the workers who will be cleaning your air ducts.
  • Are you affiliated with the NADCA? The National Air Duct Cleaners Association is a trade association that sets standards for air duct cleaning companies.
  • Do you have experience with my HVAC system model? It is important to make sure that the company has the expertise to clean your specific system.
  • What exactly does your quoted price include? Make sure you understand what is included in the price, such as the number of vents that will be cleaned and the type of cleaning method that will be used.
  • Can you offer local customer references? This is a good way to get feedback from previous customers.

By asking these questions, you can help ensure that you choose a reputable air duct cleaning company that will do the job right.

Here are some additional tips for hiring an air duct cleaning service:

  • Get multiple quotes from different companies.
  • Read online reviews of the companies you're considering.
  • Make sure the company is licensed and insured.
  • Be clear about your expectations with the company before they start work.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that you have a positive experience with air duct cleaning.

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Hello! I'm Carl Woolwine, and I lead the team at Airduct Cleaning & Radon Co. With years of experience in air duct cleaning, my aim has always been to provide services that you can trust and rely on.

I believe that great service comes from great teamwork. Every day, I work alongside a dedicated team of professionals who share my commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Together, we make sure that your home is safe and clean, just the way you deserve.

Got questions or need some advice? Feel free to reach out. You can contact me directly at 614-799-8530. I'm here to assist you, and so is my team. We’re committed to ensuring you’re completely satisfied with our services.

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Explore our customer testimonials to see how Air Duct Cleaning & Radon Co. has improved indoor air quality and safety. Discover the difference our professional airduct and dryer vent cleaning and radon mitigation services have made in homes across Columbus, Springfield, Dayton, Marysville, and beyond.

Kim S.
Kim S.
Our house was built in 1962 and has had 13 pets as well as people live there over that time. This was the first time the vents and ducts and been cleaned and it really needed it. I had started to notice a dusty smell in the house when entering from outside. After the cleaning service was completed, that smell is gone. Their service tech was friendly and on task. He explained what he was doing and was finished when he said he would be done. He was efficient and did a great job. Thank you for a good service and thanks to my children for giving me the gift certificate from AirDuct Cleaning & Radon Co. When I called to redeem the gift certificate, they knew who I was and all about it so no lengthy explanations needed. All around a great experience.
Amber A.
Amber A.
The appointment was simple toMake. It was priced right.The man was early, worked quickly and solved a potential fire hazard.Thanks!
Rashe C.
Rashe C.
I own a small business and this company is fantastic. I have been using them for several years to clean the vents in my grooming salon and dryers. They always do an exceptional job. Thank you to Carl and your team!

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