air duct cleaning in springfield and dayton ohio

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

It’s your home and you want it as clean as possible for the benefit of you and your family’s health.  Especially if any member of your family has breathing or allergy problems – you want to eliminate as many bacteria as possible – you want the very best air duct cleaning performed.  We work hard AND smart so your family can breathe easier.

Our high-pressure vacuum system is 21st century – no huge truck or inconvenient tracking of hoses and such through your home.  We work quickly, thoroughly and with the minimum interruptions to your schedule.  Our technicians are polite, respectful and are knowledgeable in our profession.

We want to ensure that everyone – including pets – in your home is breathing healthy air by adhering to strict industry standards as defined by The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

How We Work

We believe that our job is to do the best possible cleaning and give customers a good value for their money.

That’s why we:

  • Use ONLY portable vacuum units (about the size of a riding lawn mower) so we don’t have to have doors open and drag hoses through the whole house to clean your entire system – all supply , return lines and vents included in pricing, no hidden fees.
  • Offer a great “bundle” deal when you book dryer vent cleaning at the same time as duct cleaning
  • Sanitize all ducts after cleaning

Our Price

We do the best possible work for a competitive price (remember we charge by room, not by grille!). You may find cheaper contractors, but you WON’T find anyone more concerned with doing a thorough job and standing behind it as Air Duct Cleaning & Radon Co!

Do you have any questions?
614 799 8530
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Do you have any questions regarding our RESIDENTIAL AIR DUCT CLEANING service?
Call Now: (614) 799-8530

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Getting your ducts cleaned is good business

Worker Support for Businesses

  • If you have employees – and visitors – your Indoor environment is very important. Dirt, dust and allergens can significantly affect the productivity and efficiency of the people who work in or visit your facility and employees.
  • Many organizations report that they have fewer sick employees – and lost workdays – after they have their ducts cleaned.
  • “Sick building disease” is a major source of concern to workers and has led to serious award damages to affected people through lawsuits.
  • Getting your ducts clean allows to you to demonstrate proactive concern for visitors and employees, keep more people working rather than home with colds or breathing products.

Keep Tenants and Condo 
Owners Happy

  • Apartment renters will appreciate having better safer atmospheric conditions. It’s a very affordable way to keep them happy by making their air cleaner – and, with sanitizing – it’s a perk you can brag about. Knowing that their HVAC system is clean and has been treated to eliminate bacteria is a very big perk.
  • New tenants will be impressed, and established ones will be more likely to stay on and renew leases.
  • Condo owners want to feel that they are getting the benefits that keep their homes healthier and more saleable. These folks are just as interested in having a healthy environment as those who owner single-family detached homes.
  • Getting ducts cleaned is as easy way for the condo association to demonstrate their diligence and concern for their fellow owner. It also supports the idea of neighbors working together for safer breathing.

Do you have any questions regarding our RESIDENTIAL AIR DUCT CLEANING service?
Call Now: (614) 799-8530

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Air Duct Cleaning 101: What You Should Know

Relief from breathing issues equals better air for better health!  If you suffer from allergies, asthma, headaches, sinus problems, or sneezing you can breathe easier after our duct-cleanings service.  While it’s unlikely that there will be debris – leaves or other “stuff – in your duct, there WILL be dirt and dust, which can include bacteria.

Duct Cleaning Keeps Your HVAC System Running More Efficiently & Saves You Money!

In addition to your health, air duct cleaning has the added benefit of helping your wallet through energy savings! The duct system in any building is a closed circuit, a loop, where heated air from your furnace or cooled air conditioning comes out of supply registers on one end and is drawn back through return vents in a constantly circulating process. The cleaner and more open your supply and return air ducts are, the less obstacles in the way of air flow and the easier your furnace and ac can work to circulate hot or warm air.


What You Need to Know About Duct Cleaning Companies

You have to have some basic knowledge to avoid incomplete work or other unscrupulous practices
Before you hire someone for air duct cleaning, make SURE you’re getting a good deal on a COMPLETE cleaning AND if you should even get one (that’s right – we really want to help – and sometimes NOT getting one at that moment is helping)!

  • How do you know if you need your ducts cleaned?If you thoroughly dust your furniture and find a sprinkling of fine dust shortly afterwards chances are that it’s time to clean your air ducts

  • Contractors should inspect your ducts BEFORE starting the cleaning process.If you have torn or damaged ducts, they need to be repaired or replaced BEFORE cleaning or you could end up with unnecessary ADDITIONAL damage and expense.

  • Combine ducts and dryer vent cleaning.If you “bundle” both jobs together, some contractors will give you a very good deal for both jobs

  • Cleaning CycleA thorough cleaning should last for 4-5 years, depending on the presence of pets or other major source of dirt or dust

  • Sanitizingthe cleaned ducts will eliminate virtually all bacteria, which should eliminate a lot of colds and coughs

  • BOTH the supply and return ducts need to be
    Many old-school duct cleaning contractors charge separately for supply and return ducts, and/or per grille opening, others charge per room – make sure you KNOW what you’re paying for!

  • Check your ductsto avoid damage during cleaning, older metal ducts are sturdy enough to take cleaning with a rotary brush – newer ducts are flexible, with covering material over metal hoops. Use of a rotary brush will tear those up and require replacement

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