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Is your office space smelling a bit stale? It’s understandable. Office areas can be tricky when it comes to controlling fragrances. The open space renders many air fresheners useless. Meanwhile, a variety of people are bringing their own unique “scents” into the mix.

Whether it’s for your own sake, or the sake of clients coming into your office, we empathize with your desire to keep things aromatically positive. That’s why we’ve put together some simple tips for maintaining air purity.

It Starts with Cleanliness

When it comes to controlling smells, cleanliness is always step one. Otherwise, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Make sure your office is regularly cleaned. Trash bins should be emptied every night. If there’s a community fridge, that should be cleaned out at the end of every week. Bathrooms need to be well maintained also.

Finally, you should have general cleanliness standards set for employees and their work areas.

Add Some Plants

Plants don’t just look nice; they also help naturally purify the air. Flowers can add some extra pleasant smells, but they can potentially cause allergies to rise too. General houseplants might be the better way to go.

Strategically Place Air Fresheners

Trying to utilize air fresheners for an entire work area can be difficult (and pricey). They’re best used in separate rooms such as bathrooms, personal offices, and meeting spaces. It might not be a bad idea to place one near the entrance as well, so visitors are greeted with a pleasant smell as they enter.

Air Purifiers

While air fresheners can do a decent job at covering up smells, they don’t target the actual source. Air purifiers, on the other hand, can take particles out of the air that cause unpleasant aromas. If you’re looking for commercial air purifiers, we can help you find the perfect one.

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Windows and Doorways

A lot of offices these days don’t have windows that can be opened, and their doors lead to an indoor hallway. Still, for those who have access to fresh air, a window or doorway can make a big difference.

Not everyone enjoys open windows, so we’d recommend using them to air out the office for a bit in the morning.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Does the air in your office feel a little stuffy? Do you find that things are quickly coated in dust? It might be time to have your air ducts cleaned out. Overtime, dirt and debris build up in your duct system, contaminating the air that comes out of your vents.

For commercial air duct inspection and cleaning in Springfield, Ohio and the surrounding area, contact Air Duct Cleaning & Radon Company today! We’ll help freshen up your office space so you can breathe easy.

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