Does Air Duct Cleaning Make a Difference? Yes!

If you’re wondering whether or not there’s dust in your air ducts, the answer is yes. In every home and office, dust builds up overtime. Not only is dust unsightly, but it’s known to cause allergies, flair-up asthma, damage electronics, and more. Most of the time, dust is easy enough to clean. Simply grab a rag or a paper-towel, along with some dust spray, and wipe the dust away.

But there is one area where dust loves to congregate that’s difficult to reach: air ducts. To clean those, you’ll need professional air duct cleaning services. Springfield and Dayton, Ohio residents trust in Air Duct Cleaning Company for their air duct and dryer vent needs.

Our services take the stress off your home’s utilities and allow you to breathe cleaner, fresher air. To get a quote or schedule an appointment, contact us today.

The Reality of Dirty Air Ducts

With all of the air traveling through your duct system, it’s natural for dust to get trapped inside them, building thick layers of dirt and debris. This dust could eventually spread into your home or office, leaving things much dirtier than usual. It can build up in vents and duct-shafts, causing blockage and reducing efficiency. It could even get back into your HVAC system, increasing wear and tear.

Outside of dust, mold can grow in duct systems, and vermin may make a home in them. Air duct inspection and cleaning can help ensure your system is clean and safe.

Commercial and Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Springfield, Dayton, and Beyond

Air Duct Cleaning Company has been certified by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) since 1991. Time and again, our customers have been amazed by the cleanliness they’ve experience in their air thanks to our services. Many have found their homes to be cleaner and their allergies to be less present.

Air Duct Cleaning Company was actually founded by Larry and Brynne Stevenson after researching ways to help their son’s allergies. The rest is history.

If you find your home or office to be constantly dusty no matter what you do, or if the air you’re breathing feels thick and stale, it may be time to clear your air ducts. Especially if you suspect there might be mold or vermin in them.

To schedule residential air duct cleaning in the Springfield/Dayton, Ohio area, contact us today.

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