Reducing Dust Presence in Your Home

No one likes dust. Not only is it unsightly, but it can irritate your eyes, throat, and skin. It’s particularly troubling for those with allergies, asthma, and lung issuesmaking it difficult to breath at times. 

While dust is easy enough to wipe away, it’s quick to return. Many people find themselves having to dust their home’s surfaces multiple times a week in an attempt to keep up. But there is hope. 

Though you might not be able to completely eliminate dust from your home, there are actions you can take that can significantly reduce its spread. As providers of air duct cleaning, air purification, and dryer vent cleaning in both commercial and residential settings, we know a few things about what causes dust and what can be done to prevent it. 

Here are a few pro tips. 

Change Your Air Filter 

The filter on your home’s HVAC system/furnace catches dust, debris, and other contaminants. Not only does this keep your home’s air cleaner, but it provides vital protection for your heating and cooling systems. The air filter on your furnace/HVAC system should be changed at least once every 90 days. Some might have to do it more frequently.  

Though simple to do, changing the filter makes a big impact in air quality and system efficiency.  

Try Microfiber Cloths  

The tools that people use to remove dust from surfaces aren’t often the best. Standard dust rags and even feather dusters typically just push dust around rather than removing it. Aerosol dust sprays typically contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health. 

A better solution is to use microfiber clothes.  

Unlike rags and feather dusters, microfiber cloths are designed to attract and pick-up dust. They’re soft, so they won’t scratch any surfaces, and they can easily be washed when you’re done. If you really want to remove dust from surfaces, switch to microfiber.  

Get an Air Purifier 

Air purifiers actually make your air cleaner unlike candles, plugins, and aerosol sprays. Rather than adding scented (and potentially harmful) particles into your home’s air, air purifiers remove particles, leaving the air clean and fresh. In addition to reducing dust and allergens, this also leaves you home smelling better and the air feeling lighter.  

Clean Your Air Ducts 

Your home’s air ducts are responsible for filtering climate-controlled air through your home. Over time, however, dust begins to build up inside of your air ducts, just as with any other surface in your home. This can lead to an increase in floating particles and contaminants in your home’s air. 

If you’ve done all of the things above, and you’re still finding dust everywhere, it might be time to check your air ducts. 

Reducing dust is just one of the benefits of cleaning your air ducts. It can also help improve heating and cooling efficiency, remove pests, and more. There can be a lot of things hiding in your home’s air ducts. The only way to find out is to have them professionally inspected. 

For residential and commercial air duct cleaning in Ohio’s Miami Valley, contact Air Duct Cleaning & Radon Company today! We also sell a variety of air purifiers, so you can find a quality one that’s perfect for your space.  

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