Now is the Time to Check for Radon

Between the winter weather and the on-going COVID-19 restrictions, you’re bound to be staying in your house quite a bit over the next few months. What many don’t realize is that there are often hidden dangers hiding in your home. Some of them may even be in the air you’re breathing. 

One of the most dangerous substances that makes its way into homes’ air supplies is radon. This odorless gas is safe in small doses. At higher levels, however, it becomes a serious threat to your health and safety. In fact, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. 

If you haven’t had your home checked for radon, now is the time to do it. Testing is simple and highly affordable. If you’re radon levels are too high, professional mitigation can bring it down to normal and keep your family safe.  

For radon inspections and mitigation in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding communities, contact Air Duct Cleaning & Radon Company today! 

How Does Radon Get into Your Home? 

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that’s found in most our planet’s air. That means radon is likely already inside of your home. Don’t be too alarmed, however. As we said before, in small doses, radon is harmless. But left unchecked, this radioactive element can be very hazardous to your health.  

Excess radon can enter your home in a number of ways including through walls, seams, sump pumps, concrete, and more. Basements are often most susceptible to radon buildup, as they tend to have less airflow. However, just because you don’t have a basement doesn’t mean you’re safe from radon. 

Every structure is at risk of radon poisoning, which means every structure needs to have its radon levels checked. It’s estimated that 1 in 15 US homes have radon levels above the EPA’s recommended level.  About 21,000 lung cancer deaths are caused by radon every year. 

One simple test can assure you that your family, friends, coworkers, etc. are safe from the harmful effects of radon. If you’re in the Miami Valley area, contact Air Duct Cleaning & Radon Company today to get your home tested for radon. 


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