Dealing with Litterbox Odors in Your Home

Cat owners generally appreciate the fact that they don’t have to let their pets outside to go to the bathroom. Instead, cats are more independent, utilizing a litterbox that’s located inside your home whenever they need to go. There is a downside, however. 

Litterboxes add a certain unwanted smell to your home. Despite cat litter being designed to conceal smells, it can only do so much. Even if you don’t notice the smell that a litterbox adds to your home, the people who visit probably do. 

It’s important to properly take care of your cat’s litterbox, not just for aromatic reasons, but for health reasons as well. Here’s what you can do. 

Scoop and Replace 

You should be scooping the litter daily. This simple task takes less than a minute to do but makes a major difference. Not only will it leave your home smelling better, but it will make your cat happier. 

Additionally, the entire litter tray should be emptied once or twice a week. Finally, the litterbox itself should be replaced once a year. 

Pregnant Women Should be Careful 

When handling cat litter, women should show caution. Cat waste and cat litter may contain a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. While this is rare, the outcome is very severe. In pregnant women, toxoplasmosis can pass to the unborn baby, resulting in a miscarriage or stillbirth.  

If you are pregnant, or you’re trying to get pregnant, you should avoid the litterbox and have someone else handle it. If you have no one else who can handle it for you, wear disposable rubber gloves when doing anything with the litter box.  

Afterwards, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. 

Purify Your Air 

Even with proper cleaning techniques, you may notice the scent of cat litter in the air. Some people mix in baking soda, which can help absorb the smell a little better. However, that still might not be enough, especially if you have multiple cats. 

Though it might seem like a good idea, you should avoid using air fresheners and sprays to combat cat odors. These simply mask the scent, and they release harmful particles into your air. A more effective alternative is to use an air purifier.  

Air purifiers actively remove and neutralize air particles that cause unwanted scents. With a quality air purifier, your home won’t just smell nicer, but the air will feel lighter and fresher. At Air Duct Cleaning & Radon Company, we provide professional air purification services that keep your home’s air fresh, safe, and breathable.  

For air purification and air duct cleaning in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding communities, give us a call at 937-399-4242 or click here for a quote.

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