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Radon Health Risks

Radon Health Risks

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Keep Safety Measures

  • Apartment renters will appreciate having better safer atmospheric conditions. It’s a very affordable way to keep them happy by making their air cleaner – and, with sanitizing – it’s a perk you can brag about. Knowing that their HVAC system is clean and has been treated to eliminate bacteria is a very big perk.
  • New tenants will be impressed, and established ones will be more likely to stay on and renew leases.
  • Condo owners want to feel that they are getting the benefits that keep their homes healthier and more saleable. These folks are just as interested in having a healthy environment as those who owner single-family detached homes.
  • Getting ducts cleaned is as easy way for the condo association to demonstrate their diligence and concern for their fellow owner. It also supports the idea of neighbors working together for safer breathing.
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