Commercial Duct Cleaning

Getting your ducts cleaned is good business

Worker Support for Businesses

Employees and visitors need to understand that the Indoor environment in your Dayton, Ohio – area business clean and healthy. The productivity and efficiency of your workers and those who come to your facility can be negatively affected by dust and allergens

It’s a fact – major studies show that organizations have have fewer sick employees – and lost workdays – if they their air ducts cleaned regularly. One of the major litigation areas to avoid is “sick building disease.” Concern workers have been affected by poor air quality have sued and received award damages from lawsuits.

Having your ducts clean shows your concern for visitors and employees and increases productivity – avoiding staff staying home because of colds or breathing problems.

Tenants and Condo Owners – Better Air = Better Relationships

Office and apartment renters as well condo owners will be impressed by your efforts towards achieving better and safer indoor conditions. For a small cost, you get a lot of appreciation for working to keep their air cleaner – sanitizing is a perk you can brag about. Getting your Dayton area HVAC systems treated so they’re clean and been treated to eliminate bacteria is an impressive proof of your concern and care.

New tenants will be pleased, and established ones will be motivated to renew leases.

Condo owners want to feel that one of the benefits they’re paying for will keep their homes healthier and more attractive. They are just as interested in having a healthy and sanitized home as those who own single-family detached homes.

Getting ducts cleaned is an easy way for the condo association to demonstrate their diligence and concern for other owners. It also a neighborly way for Dayton folks to help each other for safer breathing.

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