Things That May Be in Your Air Ducts

Many homeowners operate under an “out of sight, out of mind” cleaning policy. As long as you can’t see the mess, you’re okay with it existing. That’s why we have junk drawers, overflowing storage closets, and in some cases, garages where the inside is best left unseen. 

While this policy works fine for the most part, there are certain areas where you should not apply this philosophy. For example, your air ducts. Just because you can’t see the inside of your air ducts, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cleaned. 

There are many things that can be found in there… 

Dust and Debris 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Dust inevitably filters into your home, and left untouched, it will cover just about everything. While you can easily dust off the furniture and objects throughout your home, it’s not so easy getting into your air ducts.  

Over time, piles of dust and miscellaneous debris can grow in your ducts. As air filters through them and out the vents, it can bring this extra dust with it, dirtying your air and making your home extra dusty. 

Mold and Mildew 

Mold and mildew are two types of fungi that can find their way into many places of your home. Left untreated, they’ll spread, damaging your home and posing potential health risks. 

These fungi thrive in moist, dark environments, making an air-duct the perfect place for them. The only to know it’s there is to have your ducts inspected and cleaned. 


Just like mold, most creatures that enter your home like to hide where it’s cool and dark. That makes your air ducts a great home for them. The most common living things found in air ducts would be mice or spiders, but sometimes bats, birds, and even snakes have been found there. 

Of course, they’re not always living. Sometimes, animals can get trapped in there and die. 

Either way, it’s the last thing you should want in your air ducts. 

Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned 

Cleaning out your air ducts isn’t easy, but it’s important. That’s why it’s best left to a professional. For commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding area, contact Air Duct Cleaning Co. today! 

Whatever might be lurking in your air ducts, we’ll take care of it. 

Improving Cooling Efficiency for the Summer

When it’s winter time, we’re all waiting and praying for the warm days of summer to return. But as the heat starts to rise, so do our electricity bills as we try to keep things cool indoors. Our first instinct is to immediately adjust the thermostat dial to keep up with temperature fluctuations.  

Before you do that, however, you should take the follow steps to try and combat heat more efficiently. They’ll save you in electricity cost, and they’ll take less of a toll on your air-conditioning unit. 

Upgrade Your Shades 

Windows are a common source of heat entering your home. While having the natural light is great, it comes at a price. Having some heavier solar or cellular curtains in place can make a big difference in the temperature of a room, particularly when the sun is shining bright. 

To maintain natural lighting, try closing shades on the on side the sun is hitting and leaving them open on the other sides. 

Keep the Lights Off 

All lights produce heat. Some lights produce quite a bit of it. Keeping the lights off when you’re not using them can make more of a temperature difference than you might think, particularly in rooms with a lot of bulbs. On top of that, turning the lights off will lower your electricity bills and help your bulbs last longer. 

For maximum efficiency, always try to balance the need for light bulbs with the presence of natural light outside. 

Utilize the Night Air 

During the spring and summer, days tend to stay consistently warm. Nights, however, can have a wide range of temperatures. Pay attention to what the nightly forecast is. If you’re experiencing a cool, humidity-free evening, try turning off the AC and opening some windows instead.  

Proper Insulation 

If your air-conditioning never seems to quite keep up with the temperature outside, or certain rooms feel noticeably warmer than others, you may have insulation issues. Insulation is paramount in maintaining indoor temperatures for extended periods of time. 

Upgrading insulation can be a messy affair, but the results are well-worth it. 

Keep Lights and Appliances Away from Your Thermostat 

Theoretically, your home’s thermostat should be in a neutral location. After all, it’s responsible for measuring the air-temperature in your home and operating your HVAC system accordingly. Sometimes, people will place appliances or bright lights too close to their thermostat, causing it to misinterpret the room’s temperature.  

This typically leads to your air conditioning running excessively, costing you extra money. 

Have Your Air-Ducts and HVAC System Cleaned 

No matter how clean you keep your home, HVAC units and air-ducts get dusty over time. This can hinder air-flow and cause extra strain on your HVAC system. That’s one of reason why you should keep your air-ducts properly maintained. 

Ducts can become blocked from debris and dirt, creating unbalanced temperatures from room to room as well. 

If you’re looking to maximize your home’s cooling efficiency, start with the system that’s doing the bulk of the work. For HVAC and air duct cleaning in the Springfield, Ohio region, contact Air Duct Cleaning Company today. 

Benefits of Cleaning Your Home's Air Ducts

Your home is a place of comfort. It is your escape from the outside world where you can relax and breathe easy. Or at least, it should be. 

Left unattended, a home can quickly become messy, dirty, and chaotic, leaving you stressed and overwhelmed. 

That’s why it’s important to keep your home clean and organized. But there are some places of your home that can be a little difficult to get to. Places like your air ducts. 

Air Ducts Get Dirty Over Time 

Like any other place in your home, air ducts collect dust and build-up overtime. Unlike your counters or furniture, however, you can’t see just how dirty your air ducts are getting. That’s why it’s important to have them periodically inspected and cleaned. 

There are numerous benefits to professional air duct cleaning. Here are just a few examples. 

Removes Irritants 

Do you find yourself with a scratchy throat? Itchy eyes? Does the air in your home feel heavy? Unless you’re sick, you probably have a dust problem. Dust doesn’t just settle on objects, but it floats in the air we breathe. 

Especially if you have dusty air ducts. After all, this is where the heat and air-conditioning of your home is traveling through. If your air ducts are dirty, this dust will be kicked up in the air, making its way to your eyes and throat. 

Keep your air clean and breathable with air duct cleaning. 

Less Dusting 

Most people don’t enjoy dusting. It feels like a never-ending battle as you try to keep your furniture and hard surfaces clean and polished. If you find yourself having to dust multiple times a week, it’s probably time to have your air ducts and HVAC system inspected and cleaned. 

Combat Mold Growth 

Mold grows in dark, unseen places. That makes air ducts a perfect location for it to thrive. Mold can spread quickly and cause a range of health issues. The only way to know if mold is in your air ducts is to have them inspected. 

Clear Our Rodents and Pests 

Much like mold, rodents, spiders, and other pests like to stay where it’s cool and dark. These are not things you want in your home. A good air duct cleaning will ensure they’re removed. 

Increased HVAC Efficiency 

While the benefits of climate-controlled air are hard to beat, running your heater and air-conditioning non-stop can cause the cost of your utilities to go up quickly. When dust and dirt get inside your system, they can become less efficient. That means you’ll have to run them even hard, increasing expenses, as well as wear and tear. 

Get the dirt and dust out of your air ducts and HVAC system. For commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Springfield, Ohio and beyond, contact Air Duct Cleaning Company today! 

Taking Care of Your Home’s HVAC System

well-functioning HVAC system is a critical part of modern home comfort. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing you to enjoy time with friendsfamily, and yourself. But in order for your HVAC system to take care of you, you must take care of your HVAC system. 

A neglected HVAC system is inefficient and prone to mechanical issues. You’ll find yourself having to turn the thermostat to more extreme temperatures to keep up with the weather outside, resulting in higher utility bills. Eventually, it might breakdown altogether, leaving you in a very uncomfortable position while you wait for it to get fixed. 

The best thing to do is to keep it clean and maintained as you go. Here are a few tips to keeps your HVAC system in top shape. 

Keep the Space Clear Around the Outside Condensing Unit 

Most HVAC units will have outdoor and indoor components. Outside is where you’ll find your condensing unit. This helps pump heat from your home, so it’s important to keep it clean and clear. Leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and debris will fall on it from time to time. These pieces can get inside, causing problems that result in lost efficiency and premature failure. Periodically check your unit and brush these items away. 

As for the indoor components such as the air handler and furnace, always keep the areas around them clear as well. Never store household cleaning products or any other materials on or around them. This is a serious safety hazard. 

Check for Leaks in Ducts 

If your temperatures fluctuate from room to room, or you’re finding yourself having to run your system non-stop, you may have some leaks. With your system running, go around your house, following the ducts. Keep a hand up towards the duct system, feeling for sudden bursts of air. 

If you find a spot where air seems to be leaking out of, use some duct tape to patch it up. This will increase air flow and improve efficiency.  

Clean Your System and Air-Ducts 

Dirt and dust build up in HVAC units and air ducts over time. These can block up airflow, increase stress on your system, and leave your home dusty. A clean system operates at maximum efficiency, allowing you to run your system less often while breathing clean air. 

HVAC and air duct systems can be a little tricky to get inside of. That’s why it’s best to have a professional inspect and clean your unit as needed. For HVAC and air duct cleaning in Dayton, Ohio and the greater Miami Valley area, contact Air Duct Cleaning Company today!  

We also work on commercial properties.